The most annoying page on the web - Entrance

Welcome to the entry point to the most annoying page on the Web. We have taken particular care not to miss any possibility to annoy in the page - but if you think we've missed something - please let us know!

Contrary to our usual behaviour we have two versions of the most annoying page on the Web -

The Microsoft Internet Explorer version 1.0

The Netscape version 1.3 (Netscape still gets the better of MSIE ha ha ha!)

For the sake of computer screen safety - please distance yourself from any object of significant weight that can be thrown, or otherwise used as a projectile, prior to clicking on either links. Thank you.

The SPOWS - Most Annoying Web Page Award or MAWP to be awarded to the top 1% of annoying internet websites will soon be ready for the taking - if your website is a contender - tell us.

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This page last modified on - Friday, October 30, 1998.