up in da corner

MSIE Most Annoying Page on the Web

this one is going very fast isn't it???
Who the hell would want to put scrolling text on his web page anyway??????????

you can barley read this because the asshole who made it was stupid enough to fit it in this teeny weeny little box...harhar, and it's going backwards too...invisible marqueeand there is an invisible marquee in the middle here too!!

if you look at the other side of this row you will also see some scrolling text. Is it cool how they scroll towards one another or what!!!!! Don't take notice of that text box on the other side of the table, he's locked me up here in this stupid marquee and I can't get out....

look below - a one letter marquee!!!!


Please stop!!!!

This page last modified on - Friday, July 30, 1999.