The Incredible Bouncing E-Mail!!!!

The incredible bouncing e-mail allows you to send your e-mail on a most exciting tour of the Internet. As a souvenir you will receive a documented travel pass with all the beautiful Internet landmarks your mail has visited!

You will also be able to track your mail on it's tour through the Internet!

Notice: One piece of E-Mail - around 1K - will be mailed to the e-mail address you have sent your BounceMail from. This is the documented travel pass and is around 80% of the fun and the whole point of this stupid game. No other mail will be sent to you EVER unless you specifically mention you would like me to write you - and even then - it will only be personal e-mail from me. So there.

Send BounceMail

After sending the mail, click here to track it through the Internet...

Some short comments:
Yes the tracking system is easy to fool. It will track your messages, even if you didn't send them. Well very clever...You won't get your glorious certificate of participation though.

Please only one BounceMail™ per person. It's may be harmful to your health...and mine.

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